Nevis, West Indies: Mangos and a Visit from an Old Friend

MePasParadiseBeachWEBAn old friend paid me a visit at my Paradise Beach Nevis villa on my first full day in Nevis, June 8. Pas Turner and I go way back—to ’98 or ’99—when I had my first mango daiquiri at Cla-Cha-Del, the restaurant he then operated along with his mom, Claudina.

Every time I visit Nevis, I try to see him, at least for a short visit. In 2009, when my husband, Stephen, and I stayed at Nisbet Plantation, we found him at the place he, his mom and son now have on the waterfront in Charlestown. We stayed for a chat and, of course, a mango daiquiri.

This time, plans to have lunch and a daiquiri there didn’t work out, as “Momma doesn’t cook on PasWithMangosWEBMondays.” He said he would come by to see me instead, as he MeMangosParadiseBeachWEBwas eager to catch me up on his life and show me photos from his wedding in Anguilla.

When he arrived mid-afternoon at Paradise Beach for our visit, he had a small paper bag with him—a gift for me, he said. Inside were two ripe mangos. Instead of being used as the ingredients for a perfect daiquiri, they could be my breakfast the next morning, I thought, but instead, I kept them and transported them to our next resort destination, the Four Seasons. My friend, also a travel writer, and I were to stay there for two nights before moving on to Nisbet Plantation for the final portion of our weeklong Nevis trip.

MangoRumBarWEBOn our first evening, we were invited to join the manager and his wife for dinner at Four Seasons’ casual, beachside restaurant, Mango, with its 101 Rum bar. Could this be the ideal place to take my mangos? Since fresh ripe mangos weren’t yet easy to find on Nevis, the bartender was eager to take my gift and concoct not only a daiquiri even Pas would be proud to serve, with leftover samples for my dining companions, but a mango mojito for my friend. MangoDrinks-NevisWEB

MangoDaiquiriMenuWEB“Where in the world did you get them?” I was asked. “From a friend,” I said, as that’s what Pas had told me. It reminded me of the secrecy surrounding the whereabouts of the best places to find morel mushrooms in Indiana where I grew up.

No matter where they came from, they produced a taste memory that lingers. As we raised our glasses to toast the evening, I also added a special toast to my Nevisian friend, Pas.





If you’d like to sample one of Pas’s mango daiquiris, stop by his waterfront bar on your next visit to Nevis…(located next to the dock where the ferries come and go to St. Kitts). It’s open 9 to whenever…closed Sundays, and remember, “Momma doesn’t cook on Mondays.” 

PasMomSonWEB MangoDai-CaribWEBPasBehindBar'09WEB


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  1. I remember my first trip to Nevis back in 1997. What a memorable trip with local color, shopping, entertainment and great food poolside. I still carry a beach bag and wrap from that trip, every time I go to the ocean. The tastes and smells still linger in my memories! Visiting plantations, hiking, golfing and getting Debbie up early in the morning to catch the dive boat. That morning the dive was at the site of a ferry accident. Holy ground where many lost their lives. Remains included brief cases, bicycles, bottles,of ginger beer, and pieces of the ferry covered in coral. If you fancy fishing,boats go out in the morning and by lunchtime the fresh catch has been cleaned and grilled for at tasty lunch cooked by Chef Sunshine. Nevis is a special place to unwind, relax and uncover secrets of island life.

    • Judy… You have a great memory of our long ago trip to Nevis and described it so beautifully. I thought it was in 1998, but there were actually two of them that we took together to the Four Seasons for the ABC-TV advertising trips. I think the second one was in 2001. Yes, that dive to the Christina ferry wreck was so special and poignant. Nevis is a very special island to which I will always look forward to returning.

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