Product Review: Morning Glamour Satin Pillowcases (CONTEST)

Morning Glamour Travel Set

Morning Glamour Travel Set

I have slept on satin pillowcases for many years, and have traveled with them for years as well. I often give them as gifts, too, to my travel-loving friends and family members. Sleeping on satin keeps my fine hair from tangling and, as a “side sleeper,” it keeps me from waking up with facial creases that take hours to go away. Another benefit I’ve noticed is that the facial moisturizer I put on at night isn’t transferred to the pillowcase, since satin pillowcases aren’t absorbent like a cotton one. I am sold on sleeping on satin!

Morning Glamour sent me a two-pack of satin pillowcases to try. One difference I saw immediately is that, instead of having an open end, the pillowcase is designed with a stay-put pocket flap. I hadn’t seen that before! Their pillowcases come in singles, doubles and travel sets, which come with a zip-top clear bag that you can store your pillowcase in or use as a make-up bag. The pillowcases come in several colors and patterns. Most are standard-size pillowcases but king-size is available in several colors, too.


•  100% satin charmeuse polyester
•  Fits standard pillow 20″ x 26″
•  Made in the USA
•  Free shipping on all U.S. orders
CONTEST: If you would like to WIN a Travel/Makeup Bag Set of your choice (see the choices at this link, leave a comment below about why you would like to win, and you will be entered in the contest, which ends June 1, 2017. Winner will be contacted with instructions on how to redeem your prize from Morning Glamour.


15 Comments on “Product Review: Morning Glamour Satin Pillowcases (CONTEST)

  1. Oooo, interesting. I would love to try a satin pillow case, especially when I travel, which is often! Heading to Hamburg, Germany, for a conference at the end of the month, followed by another meeting the week after in Wisconsin. Then in July, it’s off to Australia for another conference! Whew! I’m tired just reading that! Thanks!

    • Thanks, Tina, for commenting! You are entered into the contest. It sounds like you have quite a busy travel schedule! Happy travels!

  2. With all the travel I do as a travel editor, I’ve slept on some pretty sketchy pillow cases. It never occurred to me to take my own, but what a great idea.

    • I never leave home without mine, Sandra! It’s so easy to pack and takes up almost no extra room. I forgot to take it off my pillow once years ago, so had to buy another, but haven’t made that mistake again! I have entered you into the contest!

  3. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase sounds lovely. I’ve never thought about travelling with a pilowcase, but it seems a wonderful idea. Especially a satin one. Feels like a bit of luxury no matter what the accommodations are!

    • It’s the first thing that goes into my suitcase…and has been for years! I’ll enter you in the contest; maybe you’ll get to try it out!

    • LOL, Michele! I can relate to that! My fine hair got tangled up easily when I slept on traditional cotton pillowcases. When I switched to satin, I could get up and actually get a comb through my hair! You’ll be entered to win!

  4. I’ve always heard these are wonderful for skin care and now that I’m traveling solo to India in September, this could be the perfect time to try it! I’ll be so tired from trying to attempt yoga, this may be the perfect sleep companion 😉 Do you also offer sleeping bag-like sheets? Thanks for the chance to win, much appreciated.

    • Hi Connie! Thanks for entering! Morning Glamour only offers satin pillowcases… Best of luck on your trip to India! Maybe you’ll be sleeping on satin soon!

  5. I’d love to win this set because then I would be as beautiful as Debbra!! Thanks for the chance to win! Love your travel blog!!

    • Thanks, Kelly! You are entered to win the satin pillowcase set. So glad you enjoy the site!

    • My satin pillowcase obsession began years ago, and it takes up so little room, why not pack it? Louellen, you’re entered to win!

  6. CONTEST WINNER ANNOUNCED! Louellen Sue Coker is the winner of the travel bag/pillowcase set from Morning Glamour! Congratulations! Enjoy sleeping on satin on your future travels!

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